BMAF and NEMAA 10,000m Track Championships 2023

Race 1 M70+ and W45+

Heat 1

1311John SkeltonEastern Masters ACMO7040:57.22
2325Jacqueline MurdyNorth East Masters AAFO5541:14.05
3321Wendy SmithEastern Masters ACFO5042:21.26
4326Roselle OberholzerNorth East Masters AAFO6043:32.15
5323Heather ChristopherNorth East Masters AAFO5045:19.02
6324Kirstin FarquharNorth East Masters AAFO5545:36.00
7327Heather RobinsonNorth East Masters AAFO6046:05.73
8318Zoe TowersNorth East Masters AAFO4550:47.48
9314Alan WilksNorth East Masters AAMO7550:53.51
10312Eric RanicarNorthern Masters ACMO7552:12.95
11319Janice StewartNorth East Masters AAFO4552:28.31
12329Helen MorrisNorth East Masters AAFO6054:02.09
13322Vicki ThompsonNorth East Masters AAFO5054:46.99
14316Laurie CummingsNorth East Masters AAMO8055:52.99
15320Marie BellNorth East Masters AAFO4557:15.87
16315Mike BarnesNorthern Masters ACMO8058:21.78
17330Anne CraddockNorth East Masters AAFO6559:02.52

Results in category order.

1311John SkeltonEastern Masters ACMO7040:57.22
2314Alan WilksNorth East Masters AAMO7550:53.51
3312Eric RanicarNorthern Masters ACMO7552:12.95
4316Laurie CummingsNorth East Masters AAMO8055:52.99
5315Mike BarnesNorthern Masters ACMO8058:21.78
6318Zoe TowersNorth East Masters AAFO4550:47.48
7319Janice StewartNorth East Masters AAFO4552:28.31
8320Marie BellNorth East Masters AAFO4557:15.87
9321Wendy SmithEastern Masters ACFO5042:21.26
10323Heather ChristopherNorth East Masters AAFO5045:19.02
11322Vicki ThompsonNorth East Masters AAFO5054:46.99
12325Jacqueline MurdyNorth East Masters AAFO5541:14.05
13324Kirstin FarquharNorth East Masters AAFO5545:36.00
14326Roselle OberholzerNorth East Masters AAFO6043:32.15
15327Heather RobinsonNorth East Masters AAFO6046:05.73
16329Helen MorrisNorth East Masters AAFO6054:02.09
17330Anne CraddockNorth East Masters AAFO6559:02.52