BMAF and NEMAA 10,000m Track Championships 2023

Race 2 M55-65 + W35/40

Heat 1

1342Greg PennNorth East Masters AAMO6036:43.07
2335David BurrowsNorthern Masters ACMO5536:52.13
3337John O'ReillyNorth East Masters AAMO5539:16.11
4347Alex SneddonNorth East Masters AAFO3539:31.10
5341Kevin DeakesIsle of Man VAMO6040:45.14
6332George HendersonNorth East Masters AAMO5540:48.61
7344David GillNorthern Masters ACMO6540:50.70
8338Mike JacksonNorthern Masters ACMO6042:09.29
9339Michael JonesNorth East Masters AAMO6042:15.87
10333Graeme SwaddleNorth East Masters AAMO5542:27.22
11343Dave WatsonWelsh Masters ALMO6543:27.74
12349Katie DonaldsonNorth East Masters AAFO3545:56.05
13336Paul BrennanNorth East Masters AAMO5546:33.22
14345Malcolm ThirlawayNorth East Masters AAMO6546:45.13
15340Richard TownsendNorth East Masters AAMO6049:40.07
16334Mike TeasdaleVACMO5558:41.23

Results in category order.

1335David BurrowsNorthern Masters ACMO5536:52.13
2337John O'ReillyNorth East Masters AAMO5539:16.11
3332George HendersonNorth East Masters AAMO5540:48.61
4333Graeme SwaddleNorth East Masters AAMO5542:27.22
5336Paul BrennanNorth East Masters AAMO5546:33.22
6334Mike TeasdaleVACMO5558:41.23
7342Greg PennNorth East Masters AAMO6036:43.07
8341Kevin DeakesIsle of Man VAMO6040:45.14
9338Mike JacksonNorthern Masters ACMO6042:09.29
10339Michael JonesNorth East Masters AAMO6042:15.87
11340Richard TownsendNorth East Masters AAMO6049:40.07
12344David GillNorthern Masters ACMO6540:50.70
13343Dave WatsonWelsh Masters ALMO6543:27.74
14345Malcolm ThirlawayNorth East Masters AAMO6546:45.13
15347Alex SneddonNorth East Masters AAFO3539:31.10
16349Katie DonaldsonNorth East Masters AAFO3545:56.05